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5+ Unique Coffee Lovers Gift Basket Ideas

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5+ Delicious Coffee Gift Basket Ideas 

I’ve got tons of coffee gift basket ideas gift for the coffee lover on your list.  

Gift baskets make a fast, easty, and effective gift. 

From coffee and biscotti gift basket ideas to Nutella coffee gift basket ideas, you’ll find something for everyone.  

Whether they love K-cups, flavored ground coffee, Starbucks, or something else. 

Who are these coffee gift basket ideas for?

Coffee gift baskets ideas are great for:

  • The person on your list who makes “mmmmm” sounds when they drink coffee
  • Someone who talks about loving coffee
  • If you don’t know them well
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day
  • Congratulations
  • House warming
  • Hostess gift
  • And more

The fact is, you can NEVER go wrong with any of these coffee gift basket ideas.

Nutella Coffee Basket Ideas

Imagine the coffee lover on your list sitting down to the warm steam of a delicately flavored coffee. 

They spread a dollop of Nutella onto one of the flavored cookies included in the basket.   

They dip their cookie in their coffee and the sound you’ve been waiting for…

… “Mmmmm.”

This coffee lover’s gift basket idea for the loved one on your list who licks the knife after spreading Nutella.  

Give the gift of choice with 8 varieties of flavored coffee grinds.  

From Caramel to Turtle Sundae, your coffee lover will make endless “mmmmmm” sounds. 

They can spread their Nutella from the jar that’s included onto one of the flavored cookies and biscuits. 

This coffee and biscotti gift basket creates a bistro-like experience and will give the coffee lover on your list a lasting experience. 

coffee lover's gift basket ideas with nutella. Picture of coffee basket with Nutella Jar and cookies.


Easy K-Cup Nutella Coffee Gift Basket Idea

Does the coffee lover on your list prefer K-Cups and a mix of sweet and salty treats?

Your loved one is getting ready to watch their favorite movie.  

They can quickly grab an easy-to-make coffee using their K-cups, grab a snack, and hit “play.”

This sweet and salty gift basket takes a party type approach with popcorn, Nutella, pretzels and more. 

Click the link below to see a detailed list of what’s in the basket. 

Coffee gift basket ideas- picture of coffee lover's gift basket



Starbucks Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

Does your coffee lover love Starbucks?  Most people either love or hate Starbucks. 

This Starbucks coffee lovers gift basket is perfect for someone who loves Starbucks.  If you know someone who makes a daily run to Starbucks, or has mentioned loving Starbucks, this is a fantastic gift basket for them.

Even if they just love coffee, this is a great gift.  It has lots of gourmet coffee ideas.  This one is going on my wishlist for sure!


Starbucks Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Starbucks Coffee Lover's Gift Basket

Gourmet Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket with Baked Goods (my mouth just started watering!)

This mouthwatering (literally, it’s happening right now) gift basket is great for someone who loves coffee, and loves baked goods.  

This basket has tons of bang for your buck.  It’s got coffee samples, baked goods like biscotti, and granola bars.  They are all made in house in a bakery in Ohio. 

The baked goods are not store-bought, they are freshly made.  Try this gift basket today.  Leave a comment below if the person you gave it to, or you, loved it!

coffee lovers gift baskets gourmet


Gift Basket for Newlyweds

This is an adorable gift basket that is customizable and made to order.  With a “Wifey” mug and a “Hubby” mug as well as some delicious coffee in a serving tray.  It has a rustic feel, which is really popular now.

This is great for a first Christmas, a bridal gift basket, a wedding gift, a first anniversary, or just for a happy couple.

Newlywed Coffee BasketNewlywed Coffee BasketNewlywed Coffee Basket

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Coffee Gift Set for Her

A coffee gift set that she will absolutely love!  This entirely hand made set of gifts has lots of luxurious spa gifts like a sugar scrub, a face scrub, and lip balm, among others.  This is a lovely gift for your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend, neice, aunt, grandmother, or any woman who loves coffee smelling items.  It’s definitely going on my wish list!!!

Coffee Gift Set For HerCoffee Gift Set For HerCoffee Gift Set For Her


Coffee gift basket ideas - pinterest image - small blue gift box filled with coffee beans.


Gift ideas for coffee lovers - for 2020- image of coffee and gift on table with text


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10+ Delicious Coffee Lovers Gift Basket Ideas 

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