12 Best Coffee Shops In Omaha, Nebraska (and what makes them great)

If you’re visiting Omaha, Nebraska and looking for the best coffee shops for what you like, you’ve come to the right place.  

I’ve listed the best coffee house experiences you can find in Omaha. 

Everything from faith-based coffee shops to shops that have a bar vibe with music and pool tables.  

Whether you’re looking for a hot latte, a cold brew, whole coffee beans, or other specialty drinks, you’ll discover the best you can find in the city of Omaha. 

I reached out to every company listed. Everyone who responded was so kind, friendly, and happy to share.

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In no particular order of importance, here are the best coffee shops in Omaha, Nebraska:

1. Archetype Coffee – Unpretentious coffee 

Image looking into a coffee shop with a barista at the fridge behind the counter.

Photo from Tripadvisor submitted by ShanOC May 2020

If you’re looking for an unpretentious cup of coffee, then you’ve got to try Archetype. This coffee shop focuses on the farmers and importers of their coffees. 

They also focus on a good experience for the baristas and coffee lovers that frequent their shops. They believe strongly in the community sense of a coffee culture surrounding their business. 

They’re not ones to take coffee too seriously, but they do appreciate everything that goes into a good cup of coffee, and it shows in their final product. They offer a few coffee shops, subscriptions, and an online shop. 

Check out one of their locations today: 

  • Blackstone District of Midtown Omaha – 3926 Farnam St., Omaha, Nebraska
  • Little Bohemia – 1419 S. 13th St., Omaha, Nebr.
  • Ashton at Millwork Commons – 1229 Millwork Ave, Suite 101, Omaha, Nebraska

2. Hardy Coffee Co. – Baked goods with your coffee

door of coffee shop that says "hardy" in wood on a sign next to the door.  Lots of decrative decals on the windows surrounding the door.

Photo from Tripadvisor – submitted by ShanOC March 2021

This local, husband and wife team, family-owned coffee establishment is home to some of THE best lattes in Omaha. Their motto focuses on coffee as a ritual rather than a treat.

They want to make you feel welcome and be a part of your everyday routine. Aside from great coffees, they also offer delicious fresh pastries from their bakery collection.

The company’s owner, Autumn, was born and raised in Omaha. She got her start opening a bakery at the Hardy Coffee Company’s flagstaff location and later merged the two businesses.

Shop online or in store at one of their locations:

  • Chalco: 14450 Meadows Blvd
  • Highland: 2112 N 30th Street
  • Benson: 6051 Maple Street
  • Downtown: 1031 Jones Street

3. 13th Street Coffee and Tea Company – In the Old Market District

Image of front of 13th street coffee shop in omaha nebraska

Not only do they have cute names for their drinks, but the friendly staff at 13th Street Coffee is also pretty cute. Cute as in they genuinely care about their community and want to make you feel at home while you enjoy a hot or cold drink at their cafe.

The coffee drinks are phenomenal, but so are their variety of teas and you can order any of them in bulk through their online store. This is a great place to come and relax, meet some new friends and just feel right at home. 

When I reached out to 13th Street, they said this:

“We also offer all locally made vegan and regular pastries and goodies. I support new bakers as they are just getting started. We have local artists hang their creativity to sell and rotate every 2 months. Panini’s have been a hit as of late as well. Oh!! We rent out our loft for special events.”

I adore a company who helps, listens to their customers, and supports local artists.

Join them today at 519 S. 13th Street, you won’t regret it.

4. Amateur Coffee – Vegan and zero-waste coffee shop in Omaha

Image of baristas making coffee with a black wall behind them that says lvoe something more

Image from Tripadvisor – Submitted by Mon-ValleyGuy May 2018

I really appreciate a business with a sense of humor and color.  Amateur is colorful, fun, and has tons of options. Amateur Coffee is no amateur at quality and care.

They’ve made it their mission to make a coffee shop that is 100% vegan and also have a zero-waste initiative that utilizes reusable glass jars to help reduce waste.

It’s not as hippie as it sounds, just really great drinks made by people who really care.

It’s a unique coffee shop where you’re welcome to hang out for a while, or you can have your coffee or tea delivered locally. Either way, you’ll love the feel-good vibes that radiate from this coffee shop. 

Located at 3913 Cuming St.

5. Village Grinder – On Pacific Street

Image of front of coffee shop with yellow door and chalkboard sign that says VIllage Grinder Open.

Image from their instagram account

It’s no wonder the Village Grinder is such a popular spot.

They’ve really nailed the family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Oh, and the coffee is top notch too! All jokes aside, they’ve been mastering the art of great service and coffee comradery and have been a local staple since 1983.

One of their most unique treats is the Italian Cafe Affogato-ice cream and espresso mixed together. Run, don’t walk to 8706 Pacific Street.

6. Urban Abbey – Faith-based coffee shop

chalkboard sign outside the coffee shopt that shows the personality of the coffee shop.

Image from Tripadvisor – submitted by Edmundo_de_ABQ May 2019

If you’re looking for great coffee with a higher purpose, look no further than Urban Abbey.

They’ve combined coffee, cause, and communion in their faith-based approach that supports causes of the local United Methodist church’s mission.

Here you can find amazing fair-trade coffee drinks while you browse their bookstore. I

t’s nice to know the profits go to local LGBTQ+ support, local artists through WhyArts, Inc., as well as numerous other advocacy groups that help the community through education, help homelessness and poverty groups, support women, children, and families.

And make sure you check out their instagram to see all they do for the community. It really is heartwarming.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give back while you enjoy some great coffee at 1026 Jackson St.

7. Green Beans Coffee – An inspiring culture of family

image of owner John Sievers who passed away.

When I reached out to Green Beans Coffee to ask if I had permission to use one of their photos, their operations manager, Amber, informed me they lost the owner of their company, John Sievers, in January 2022 to Covid.  

She asked if we would include a special photo they had created to honor him. I thought the photo was a perfect representation of how family oriented this company strives to be. 

My heart goes out the family. When a family run business loses an owner, it can shake everyone from staff to customers to their core. I’m so sorry for your loss.

The company also wanted to include this message about their owner:

“John created a family, his Green Beans family. From his honor for the military, his love of a great cup of coffee and his dedication to his community”

Green Beans coffee is a place where the coffee culture is genuinely inspiring. 

They’ve partnered with Cup of Joe for a Joe-a nonprofit that helps supply coffee to members of our armed services overseas along with encouraging messages to lift them up. 

“Honor first. Coffee second,” is how they operate and it shows.

They have a wide variety of delicious hot and cold drinks for coffee lovers to enjoy, as well as offering catering locally. Their food is made fresh to order and their pastries are all baked on location.

Stop in and grab some joe at their Millard location-6831 S 167th St.

8. Sozo Coffeehouse – Music and pool tables

Image of patrons playing pool at sozo coffee house and the coffee counter behind them

Image from Tripadvisor – submitted by Justin H May 2019

Sozo Coffeehouse brings live music and an almost bar-like atmosphere together with truly great coffee. They offer a unique experience unlike anything else.

“The Well,” their music venue, is a popular spot for local live music, while the coffee shop offers delectable cold brews, hot chocolate, espresso, hot tea, lattes, chai, matcha as well as macchiatos and cappuccinos.

You can also book one of their study rooms for a study group or a conference room for special events. They got something for any occasion at 1314 Jones St.

9. Blue Line Coffee – Classic coffee done right

Man standing at a counter at a coffee shop with menu board behind him and baked goods beside him. Counter is blue. He's wearing a green shirt and a basebal hat

Blue Line is the place you go for an unassuming, non-artisan cup of great coffee. They’re best at your standard coffee drinks-your drip coffee, your macchiatos, your cappuccinos, your lattes.

But don’t let the unpretentious attitude fool you-they know their coffee and don’t settle for second-best. All of their coffees are fair-trade grown and small-batch roasted. Be sure to stop in and visit an Omaha staple at 4924 Underwood Ave.

10. Karma Koffee – Breakfast sandwiches with your coffee

Menu board from inside Karma Koffee with cups and coffee machines just below it.

The friendly staff at Karma coffee will make sure you get your coffee and breakfast fix with their attention to flavor. Choose from any of their custom breakfast sandwiches to go with your uniquely named espresso drink and it’s sure to be a treat.

They also have a variety of teas if that’s your flavor, and a number of delicious breakfast pastries on hand so you really can’t go wrong.

When I reached out to Karma on Instagram, they let me know they make house baked scones from scratch and their breakfast sandwiches come on Bagel Bin bagels(YUM!). 

Come and meet some great people at Karma Koffee-located at 587 North 155th Plaza.

11. Dundee Double Shot-Best Specialty Coffee Drinks

image of outside of coffee shop with sign that says "coffee shop" and menu board.
Image from Tripadvisor

Dundee Double Shot is a local coffee shop that really goes above and beyond when it comes to giving you options.

Not only do they have your classics-your espressos and black teas, but an extensive list of yummy flavored lattes. 

They also cater to the tea drinker with herbal, green leaf, and rooibos options on their menu. If you’re more of a smoothie drinker-don’t worry, they’ve got you covered.

Their real fruit juice blends are super tasty and healthy to boot. Also, for anyone interested in dairy alternatives they cater to your tastes as well with oat, hemp, cashew almond, coconut, and soy on the list. 

Located at 118 N. 50th Street.

12. Howlin’ Hounds – Best Coffee in Downtown Omaha

wall art from inside the shop on the dance floor

Image from Tripadvisor – by 349Charles25 

Great ambiance and great coffee are all you need to know about Howlin Hounds Coffee. Step into the cafe and the tin ceiling stands out as the aromas from the french press invite you in.

Unfussy, yet refined is the best way to describe it. Masters of the tried and true, their drip coffees are simply the best for the standard coffee drink connoisseur. You won’t be disappointed. Visit them at 712 South 16th Street.

Best Coffee Shops in Omaha, Nebraska

So there you have it. The best coffee in Omaha. I reached out to every business listed here to see if there was anything they wanted to add or specific photos they’d like me to use.

The ones that responded were so kind and friendly. Omaha sure has some lovely coffee shops!

Written by Calliegwriter
Edited by Kris D

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