A Peppermint Mocha Everyone Will Rave Over

Coffee Recipe Peppermint Mocha

Best Coffee Recipes – Peppermint Mocha Peppermint Mocha is probably my favorite recipe of all the best coffee recipe articles on this site.  It is delicious, and festive, and it doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy this delicious beverage. It’s fun to get creative with this recipe as well.  You could crush up some … Read more

5 Health Benefits of Decaf Coffee That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

5 Health Benefits оf Decaf Coffee That Shouldn’t Be Ignored I had to cut back on caffeine a while back because my thyroid REALLY doesn’t like caffeine.  I thought to myself, ‘Thanks universe!  The girl with the coffee blog can’t drink caffeine.  What kind of a sick joke is this?”   Giving up my two coffee … Read more

Learn The Role Light vs. Dark Roast Has in Making Amazing Coffee

Light vs. Dark Roast

What’s the Difference Between Light vs. Dark Roast Coffee? If we are going to make the best cup of coffee we can, we need to learn the difference between light vs dark roast and everything in between. Generally speaking, the lighter roasts have more natural flavors.  The darker roasts mean you are tasting the roast, … Read more

How Long Does Coffee Last? When Does It ACTUALLY Expire?

Does Coffee Expire

When does coffee expire? On my journey of learning how to make the BEST cup of coffee possible, the first logical step was to ask, “When does coffee expire?” I assumed it would be similar to nuts or other types of beans.  They are natural and they have oils that can go rancid over time.  … Read more