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Merli’s Makes the Best Lattes in Kingsville, Ontario

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Merli's is one of the best restaurants in Kingsville, Ontario and makes the best lattes around. If you want a coffee and delicious brunch, lunch, or dinner in Kingsville, Ontario, go to Merli's for the atmosphere, art, and locally sourced everything.

Merli’s Makes the Best Lattes In Kingsville, Ontario My hubby and I had the day off today, so we went to a local restaurant called Merli’s.  This is one of our favorite local places to eat and enjoy life, art, conversation, and community.   Merli’s is known in our little town as having really delicious lattes.  The owner, Derek, pays special attention to make sure every drink is delicious and always high quality.  After having the Chai Latte with my lunch, I asked Derek if I could do a feature of his place on my blog, so I went back in […]