How Long Does Coffee Creamer Last (& How To Tell If It’s Gone Bad)

how long does coffee creamer last? & how to know if it's expired- image of creamer being poured into a white coffee mug

Coffee creamer is a great substitute for traditional creamers (like cream or half-n-half) to lighten, sweeten and even flavor coffee. There are many non-dairy options which makes it a great choice for those following a vegan or dairy-free lifestyle. But how long does liquid coffee creamer last? The lifespan of coffee creamer depends on the … Read more

How to Find the Best Coffee in Birmingham Al – Advice From a Local

two hands holding a white cup of black coffee with text overlay to the right on blue background "ho to find the best coffee in birmingham, al" advice from a local.

If you just moved, are visiting, or are a local looking for the best coffee in Birmingham, AL, this post is for you. In the last five years of extraordinary growth, Birmingham has earned its recognition as a hub for great food, great brews, and best of all… Great coffee! A year of pandemic living … Read more

Merli’s Makes the Best Lattes in Kingsville, Ontario

Merli's is one of the best restaurants in Kingsville, Ontario and makes the best lattes around. If you want a coffee and delicious brunch, lunch, or dinner in Kingsville, Ontario, go to Merli's for the atmosphere, art, and locally sourced everything.

Merli’s Makes the Best Lattes In Kingsville, Ontario My hubby and I had the day off today, so we went to a local restaurant called Merli’s.  This is one of our favorite local places to eat and enjoy life, art, conversation, and community.   Merli’s is known in our little town as having really delicious lattes.  … Read more

How to Make Keto Coffee Taste Good

Learn all about how to make different kinds of coffee. You will find reviews of coffee, coffee machines and accessories,and all sorts of coffee related information.

  How To Make Keto Coffee Taste Good  If you are new to the Keto lifestyle, you likely have heard something about Bulletproof Coffee, but you may not yet know how to make keto coffee taste good.  It’s quite possible that the first time you tried it you weren’t a fan.    Don’t despair, I … Read more