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Merli’s Makes the Best Lattes in Kingsville, Ontario

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Merli's is one of the best restaurants in Kingsville, Ontario and makes the best lattes around. If you want a coffee and delicious brunch, lunch, or dinner in Kingsville, Ontario, go to Merli's for the atmosphere, art, and locally sourced everything.

Merli’s Makes the Best Lattes In Kingsville, Ontario My hubby and I had the day off today, so we went to a local restaurant called Merli’s.  This is one of our favorite local places to eat and enjoy life, art, conversation, and community.   Merli’s is known in our little town as having really delicious lattes.  The owner, Derek, pays special attention to make sure every drink is delicious and always high quality.  After having the Chai Latte with my lunch, I asked Derek if I could do a feature of his place on my blog, so I went back in […]

Health Benefits

Mushroom Coffee Benefits and Why You Should Try It

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Make great and delicious coffee at home. Check out all kinds of hot coffee reviews and homemade easy coffee recipes.

Mushroom Coffee Benefits and Why You Should Try It So what’s this you keep hearing about mushroom coffee? Is it gross? Is it good? Are their health benefits? Well keep reading for a review so you can stop wondering. If you’re like me, you love coffee, but what you don’t love is the jittery “I drank too much coffee today” feeling. Or the “I had a coffee at 2pm and now it’s 3am and I am STILL wired from that afternoon coffee” feeling. Maybe it comes with age, but it seems that my body cannot metabolize caffeine the way it […]


How to Make Keto Coffee Taste Good

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Learn all about how to make different kinds of coffee. You will find reviews of coffee, coffee machines and accessories,and all sorts of coffee related information.

How To Make Keto Coffee Taste Good  If you are new to the Keto lifestyle, you likely have heard something about Bulletproof Coffee, but you may not yet know how to make keto coffee taste good.  It’s quite possible that the first time you tried it you weren’t a fan.    Don’t despair, I have a wonderful source that has tested out different versions of the Bulletproof Coffee recipes, it’s my sister!   Please note that we use bulletproof coffee and keto coffee interchangeably in this article.    She recently started drinking bulletproof coffee at home as part of her […]

Coffee Maker Reviews

Coffee Maker Review of 4 Unique Coffee Machines

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Coffee Maker Review to help you chose which coffee maker is best for your coffee needs. Make a delicious cup of coffee with these four coffee makers that all have different and unique features.

Coffee Maker Review of 4 Unique Coffee Machines Picking out a coffee maker can be so frustrating. There are so many different options out there. This coffee maker review will help you sift through all the options to figure out what is right for you. You want to really think about what kind of coffee you like to drink. A few things to ask yourself are: Maybe you like single cup or a big huge pot of coffee? Do you entertain a lot and need a big carafe that keeps coffee warm? If you like all coffee types or are […]