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This page may contain affiliate links, which means if you use my link I could get a commission on what you purchase.  As you’ll see in my content, I use every one of the items I recommend and would never suggest you buy something that I wouldn’t use myself. 


Milk Frother
(I use this every day)

I love how a milk frother blends even just regular coffee and sugar. It helps blend anything from cocoa and milk to pumpkin spice and creamer. No more powdery chunks, just perfectfly blended taste.

I use this almost every day! It even gives regular coffee a nice froth on top.

Different colored coffee freothers all in a row with box in the front.

French Press (for the tastiest coffee you’ll ever have)

My #1 favorite way to make coffee is in the french press. It’s so frother, smooth, and when you grind your own beans, it’s the most delicious coffee you’ll ever have (in my opinion).

Brass french press with coffee in it.

Burr Coffee Grinder

There are a lot of coffee grinders out there. A burr grinder will grind your beans evenly. I don’t ever recommend getting a blade grinder as you’ll end up with uneven results and your coffee may end up bitter.

This is the most reasonably priced burr grinder I’ve found. There are more expensive ones, but this is the one I like as it’s a good value for the price and a good starter. We’re not running a coffee shop here, we just want great coffee.

burr coffee grinder (black) with clear front cover

Hand Burr Grinder

When I first started grinding my own coffee, I was looking for a cheaper option (I wasn’t ready to commit to a plug in coffee grinder). I used this manual burr grinder almost daily.

Once I fell in love with grinding my own beans, I upgraded.

Hand Burr Grinder, silver, standing up with a little mound of ground coffee to the right. Next to a white box that it would come in.

My Favourite Whole Beans – Kicking Horse Coffee Medium Roast (Three Sisters)

Kicking Horse Coffee has fun names for their roasts. Medium is called three sisters. This is my favourite whole bean to grind in my burr grinder to make in my french press.

When made in the french press, it froths up really nice. It’s so smooth.

kicking horse coffee whole beans bag - three sisters is the name of this medium roast bean

Add My Favourite Flavors To Your Coffee
– The Easy Way

Jordan’s Skinny Mixes

One of my favourite EASY ways to flavour my coffee is to use a syrup. I go to Jordan’s for sugar free ways to do that.

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Buy skinny mixes here

Classic Skinny Mix Syrup Sampler

Skinny syrups are known for their sugar free syrups. We use them in our house often. You can get all kinds of flavours …that’s why I love this sample pack.

skinny syrups sample pack caramel, butter toffee, mocha, vanilla, hazelnut, salted caramel coffee syrups

Keto Skinny Syrups

If you like flavored coffee, but you don’t like spiking your blood sugar, these are for you.

Regular Jordan’s Skinny syrups are artificially sweetened and can still spike your blood sugar, despite being zero calorie.

These Keto syrups are naturally sweetened and do not contain anything that will spike your blood sugar. They’re Keto approved.

keto skinny syrups sample pack flavors

Coffee Subscriptions

Angel’s cup is an online coffee tasting club where you can try all kinds of coffee flavors.