The Best Coffee Subscription Of 2022 (+ Where to Find Roasters All Over the US)

If coffee is your lifeline, and you can’t imagine a day without a perfectly prepared cup of your favorite brew, you’ve probably waited too long already to get a coffee subscription.

Coffee subscription services had been around long before the pandemic, but as devout coffee drinkers started waking up for their daily Zoom call and an empty coffee can, they needed to find another way to get their brew. That’s when coffee lovers worldwide discovered subscription services to get their morning cup of Joe. 

In this post, you’ll discover where you can get the best coffee subscriptions, new coffees, and a variety of coffees ranging from fair trade to small roasters and more. 

Choose your roast preferences, or if you don’t know the kind of coffee you like, you can test different varieties.  

There are no rules. 

Just great coffee. 

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What is a coffee subscription service?

When you sign up for a coffee subscription service, you will have fresh coffee delivered to your door weekly, monthly, or even every three days if you choose– You choose the delivery frequency based on what works for you. Coffee subscriptions allow you to design a plan to your exact specifications.  Whether you have a taste for the robust or something more delicate and mild, you can have a perfect cup of coffee every morning with freshly roasted coffee beans from all over the world.

Before you sign on to just any coffee subscription service, you should get to know the different types, what they offer, and what will work best for you.  If you don’t consider yourself a coffee connoisseur now, you will become one after a few months of receiving premium organic coffee beans prepared for brewing by highly reputable roasters.

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Why should you try a coffee subscription?

If you love great coffee, a coffee subscription service is a perfect way to dip your toe into different varieties you can’t get at the grocery store on a regular basis. 

You can:

  • Try out new coffee trends. 
  • Try varieties of different coffees like  light roast, dark roast, and all the different roast levels. 
  • Test coffee from different regions.
  • Taste all kinds of specialty coffee.
  • Try local roasts (the beauty of a fresh roast is magnificent)

Some even offer free shipping on your first order or for new subscribers.

Pro tip: Keep tasting notes so you can keep track of which varieties you liked most. 

Single-origin coffees & services

Single-origin services sell beans they’ve roasted themselves. This service is a good choice for coffee drinkers who like a consistent cup because it’s easier for independent roasters to control the taste of their beans.

Single-origin services usually come from small specialty shops that source their beans from around the world, have them delivered, and roast them in-house. These roasters are highly committed to the quality of the beans they receive and roast. 

Small batch roasters

There is no shortage of small batch roasters in the coffee business today, and each has a unique story to tell. If you’re looking for a roaster in your area, you can check out They have an extensive list of roasters across the United States that is continually changing and growing. 

Check out a few small batch roasters who have found success through their passion for finding the best beans and roasting them to perfection.

Koffee Kult is a small batch roaster based in Hollywood, Florida. This small company began in 2012 as Center Stage Coffee but was merely a hobby for its founder. As more friends and family tasted his coffee, they insisted he should start a roasting business. In 2014, Center Stage Coffee became  Koffee Kult, and the company has grown to include 14 employees, online coffee subscription services, and a physical store in Florida.

Another small batch roasting company is Airship, located in Bentonville, Arkansas. This coffee roaster almost started a blueberry farm until he traveled to Central America and fell in love with coffee and the entire process of growing the beans, processing them, and roasting them. 

Initially operating as a wholesale coffee roaster, they added their retail business as competition grew. They also offer an online store, online coffee subscription services, and an open-air cafe.

A consistent takeaway from checking out roasters across the country is their affection and dedication to roasting beans to give their customers a perfect cup of coffee with every batch.

If you know your taste in coffee and want to receive your beans soon after they’re freshly roasted, a single-origin service should be right for you.

Multi-roaster services

If you’re not committed to a particular brand or roast, you’re not sure how you want your coffee to taste, or you like a variety of characteristics in your cup of coffee, a multi-roaster service is a good choice.

Each delivery has beans from different origins, but they all operate differently. Some services are curators of the coffee beans, ordering from smaller roasters. Once they receive your order, they have the beans shipped to their location and re-ship them to you. Coffee beans are best when brewed soon after roasting, so this system may impact the freshness of your order.

Other multi-roaster subscriptions take your order and handle the fulfillment aspect with the roaster, and the order is then shipped directly to your door from the roaster. Direct shipment means your coffee beans were roasted, packaged, and sent soon after they are roasted, guaranteeing you’ll have the freshest cup of coffee possible.

Multi-roaster subscriptions like Trade and Bean Box assess your coffee preferences with quizzes. They want to know if you drink your coffee black, with cream, or with sugar, and quizzes help them decide the right coffee for you.

Other top subscriptions like Atlas Coffee Club want to know your brewing methods. Some coffee beans taste better with a drip machine instead of a French press. Cold brew, Aeropress, all of these are essential features they want to know so they can supply you with the ultimate cup of coffee. 

Rating your coffee helps these companies understand your bean preferences and favorite blends, so you start to receive the perfect coffee for your taste.

Check out Angel’s cup coffee as well.

Which coffee subscription is right for you?

There are so many varieties of coffee subscriptions available.  Whether you like k-cups, whole roasted beans, ground coffee, or something else, there’s something for everyone. 

Which coffee subscription are you going to try?

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