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What Everyone Ought To Know About French Press vs Drip Coffee

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What Everyone Ought To Know About French Press vs Drip Coffee

On my quest to make the best cup of coffee I can, I’ve discovered the absolute best way to get the most flavor out of my coffee.  I have discovered the difference between french press vs drip coffee.

French press vs drip, what’s the difference?

So what is the difference between french press vs drip coffee anyways?

What is drip coffee?

Everyone knows what drip coffee is.  It’s the kind your mom makes, or the kind your work makes.  It’s the simplest, most common way that coffee is made.  Coffee grounds are placed in a tray in a filter and boiling water is filtered through the coffee grounds and the paper filter into a pot that usually sits on a heater.

What is a french press?

A French press is used to steep the coffee grounds in water inside a container then a plunger is used to separate the grounds from the coffee.  (for exact process, see at the end of this post)

Coffee press vs drip, which is better?

We’ve learned in previous posts that grinding our own beans is essential to delicious coffee, so here we are going to assume that you’ve ground your own beans and you are using the same grinds for both methods.

French press vs dripBenefits of a french press

A french press will steep the grinds in boiling water, which extracts more of the flavors from the coffee than the drip method.  The french press method will retain more of the natural flavor of the coffee and more of the oils will come out in the water.

In other words, this is the way to make the BEST cup of coffee we can.

Disadvantages of a french press

It is a bit more tedious than the drip method.  Getting from start to finish with a french press can take somewhere around 5 to 7 minutes (depending on how tired and slow you are moving) and requires a few different manual steps:


  • Boiling the water
  • First steep (approx. 30 seconds)
  • Filling remainder of press and steeping again(3.5 minutes or to taste)
  • Plunging (just a few seconds)
  • Decanting (another few seconds)

Benefits of drip methodcoffee press vs drip

This method is the best if you are entertaining a crowd and need to make a lot of coffee really fast.  It’s not the tastiest way to make coffee, but it is the quickest.

If you are exhausted in the morning and want to brew your coffee without really thinking about it, or you’re in a hurry, this is the best method for you.

Disadvantages of drip method

Some say the drip method can sometimes add flavors to the coffee from the filter, making the coffee taste bad.

Compared to the french press method, the drip method makes coffee quite dull.  And let’s face it, it’s not as fun.

What we’ve learned

Which is better, french press or drip method?  For the purposes of making the best possible cup of coffee we can, the french press wins.  We need a french press!  If we want to make the best cup of coffee we possibly can, we need to invest in a good french press.

I’ve experience hundreds and hundreds of terrible cups of drip coffee in my lifetime.  It’s time to get a french press.


Check out this video by HowcastFoodDrink that shows you how to use a french press.




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