7 Gift Ideas for Pumpkin Spice Latte Lovers (or Coffee Lovers)

Are you or is someone in your life a hardcore pumpkin spice lover?

In this post, we’ll show you 7 mugs made specifically for pumpkin spice lovers.

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Coffee Mug “My Blood Type Is Pumpkin Spice”

This 15 oz coffee mug makes a perfect gift for a coworker, friend, mom, sister, cousin, brother, or anyone who loves pumpkin spice

coffee mug that says "my blood type is pumpkin spice

“Pumpkin Spice Vibes” Mug

This cute pumpkin spice 15oz mug has a different take on the traditional colors. It’s multicolored with a teal pumpkin.

Makes a perfect gift for someone who loves color and is doesn’t like the usual styles.

white 15 oz mug with pumpkin spice vibes and a teal pumpkin

Religious “Pumpkin Spice and Jesus Christ” Mug

Is someone on your list religious AND they love pumpkin spice?

This 15oz mug is perfect for someone who has a strong faith but also loves Jesus.

“Pumpkin Spice Junkie” 15 oz Mug

Perfect for someone who seems totally addicted to pumpkin spice. If they mention it regularly, they’re obsessed!

White coffee mug that says Pumpkin spice junkie with teal and orange pumpkins above it

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“Pumpkin Spice AF” Mug

A simple pumpkin spice 15oz mug for anyone who loves pumpkin spice, but keeps it simple.

orange and yellow and red pumpkin spice AF mug

“But First Pumpkin Spice” Knome Mug

If the pumpkin spice lover in your life is a bit whimsical, loves knomes, or fantasy, this 15oz mug makes a perfect gift.

11oz “Drown Me in a Sea of Pumpkin Spice” Mug

This colored interior and handle mug comes in all sorts of colors.

If you know someone who LIVES for pumpkin spice lattes, this is the mug for them.

White mug with black handle and interior - drown me in a sea of pumpkin spice
two mugs side by side on the bottom and gift ideas for pumpkin spice latte lovers on the top
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