Sugar-Free Tim Hortons Apple Cinnamon Fog CopyCat Recipe

If you’re in Canada, or visit Canada often and love a good Timmies, you’re going to love this Sugar-Free Tim Horton’s Apple Cinnamon Fog CopyCat recipe.

I used to get the Apple Cinnamon Fog until I started really watching my sugar intake (and my budget). 

I had a really big problem with liquid sugars.  Tim Horton’s drinks were my go-to for drinking my calories. 

I’d pick up a drink on the way to work every morning.  I’d pick up another one in the afternoon after lunch.

It started to become a LOT of unneeded sugar.

So, I started looking for ways to reduce my sugar intake. 

And the first place I started was my once (or twice, or thrice-shhh don’t tell anyone) a day Timmies habit.  

The Apple Cinnamon Fog was what I ordered when I didn’t want anymore caffeine for the day. But the sugar, YIKES. 

That’s about 140 calories! 

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How to Order A Tim Horton’s Apple Cinnamon Fog – Without the Sugar Overload

I looked for simple ways to drop the calories, but I also wanted to stop spending $2+ per drink. It adds up. 

I started ordering an Apple Cinnamon Fog with 1 milk. 

It doesn’t have the same level of sweetness, but once you stop drinking sugar, everything starts tasting way too sweet. 

Milk has just a little bit of natural sweetness, so it worked out well for me and I felt satisfied.

How to Make Your Own Sugar-Free Tim Horton’s Apple Cinnamon Fog at Home

Here is my favorite way to make a copycat version of Tim Horton’s Apple Cinnamon Fog recipe.  


  • Hot kettle water
  • 1 sachet of Tim Horton’s Apple Cinnamon Tea
  • Milk of your choice (I prefer 1 tsp of milk, but you can use almond milk, cream, cashew milk, whatever your Keto or other diet allows)
  • to taste
Ingredients on counter for Sugar-Free apple cinnamon fog recipe from Tim Horton's (copycat)


  1. Bring your kettle water to a boil and steep your teabag until it’s the desired level of darkness.  I like to smooth the bag against the side to squeeze out the flavors.
  2. Once you’ve squeezed out your apple cinnamon goodness, add a tsp of the milk you’ve chosen (the nutritional information here will represent using 2% milk)
  3. Add a tiny splash of your (this stuff is strong, be careful not to use too much, add as much as you want to taste)
  4. Enjoy!

*scroll to the bottom to see the caramel sweetener options. This is the easiest way to make this recipe.

This is one of my favorite beverages to make at home.  At first, it seems like an unlikely combination of flavors, but it’s soooo good. 

I always make this Apple Cinnamon Fog recipe when I’m feeling a bit down and want to cuddle up under a blanket with a good book. 

Note: I didn’t add a recipe card to this post because this recipe is SUPER simple and the only calories are those in the milk of your choice.

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