What Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

The Nitro Cold Brew – A Delicious Coffee Shop Trend 

Coffee is America’s fuel. The famous cup of joe. Wherever you look, coffee shops large and small are on every street corner. There is something relaxing about sitting with a friend chatting over a cup of coffee.

If you have been to a coffee shop recently you may have noticed that it looks like there is coffee on tap? Well, in a way, you aren’t wrong. A rising trend in the coffee shop world is the nitro cold brew coffee.

The coffee industry is a 5 billion dollar market. Cold brews are now making up a large part of the coffee industry.

Recently cold brew coffee has become very popular. People aren’t only drinking iced coffee during the hot summer months. Cold brews and iced lattes can be seen even in the cold winter months.

This could be because coffee drinkers are now wanting specialty coffees. Cold brews fall in this category. They are easily flavored and make great iced lattes.

Just like every other industry, the coffee industry is trying to keep up with the latest technologies. This is where the nitro cold brew comes into play.

Adding nitrogen to beverages isn’t really a new concept, it is relatively new to the coffee industry. Because this is similar to the beer industry, people in the beer industry are more accepting of this nitro cold brew.

What Is Nitro Coffee?

So just what is nitro cold brew coffee?

Nitro coffee is essentially a cold brewed coffee that has the gas nitrogen added to it. When nitrogen is added to the coffee, it creates a foam on the top. It actually has a very similar texture as beer.

The foam on the top gives the coffee a sweet flavor without the added sugar. It has a unique taste that coffee lovers are going crazy over.

What Is the Difference Between Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee?

Iced coffee and cold lattes are perfect for summer. Do you still want your daily coffee but it’s too hot out to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee? Iced coffee or event the new nitro cold brew could be the perfect solution.

If you go to a coffee shop, there are many options for iced coffee beverages. So what’s the difference between a regular iced coffee and a nitro cold brew coffee?

Iced coffee is brewed like regular coffee but at double strength. Iced coffee is brewed strongly so that once it is poured over ice, it won’t be diluted. It is different because it tastes a little lighter than regular brewed coffee. Iced coffee is also more acidic.

Nitro brew is very similar to the cold brew, but it is, of course, bubblier and comes from a keg. Nitro coffee is brewed the same as a cold brew but then added to the keg where it is infused with nitrogen bubbles.  

The difference, besides the added nitrogen, is the taste. Nitro brew is very similar to a cold brew beer. It has a frothy top once it is poured right from the tap.

Is Nitro Cold Brew Healthier?

Nitro coffee is also less acidic because it is brewed over a few days instead of brewed quickly like regular coffee. The foam on top of the coffee gives the coffee a sweet taste, but the plus side is that it doesn’t have any added sugar, like many other blended cold brew beverages.

Along with having less sugar, the reduced acidity helps nitro coffee be a healthier choice.  

Some fitness studios are starting to serve the brewed beverage because it is a healthier choice. Caffeine can help fuel workouts, so having a healthier option for caffeinated beverages encourages fitness lovers to enjoy the drink before or after class.

Can I make Nitro Cold Brew at home?

The answer is yes, you can make a nitro cold brew at home! You will need a batch of cold brew coffee and a whipped cream dispenser. The whipped cream dispenser needs to be the kind with the nitro charger like the ones you see in coffee shops.

There are different ways to make a nitro cold brew at home.

The process is pretty simple. You’ll make your favorite cold brew recipe such as this New York Times recipe.

After you make your cold brew, you will pour the coffee into the whipped cream dispenser. Just like pouring whipped cream from the dispenser, you’ll pour the coffee into a glass and have a beautiful cold brew with the frothy top like you would at a coffee shop.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee To-Go

If you don’t have time to stop at the coffee shop for a nitro cold brew or you can’t make it at home, you can now pick up a pre-bottled nitro brew.

The pre-packaged to-go version of the nitro-brew is convenient; however, the bottled version of nitro coffee didn’t come easily. A scientist working for La Colombe was able to achieve it.

Creating the bottled nitro brew coffee was tricky, so they decided to use nitrous oxide instead of regular nitrogen. Nitrous oxide stays liquid longer and stays foamy longer. Many other popular brands such as Califia Farms, Lucky Jack, Rabbit Coffee, are carrying bottled nitro brews.

The nitro cold brew is cold brew coffee with nitrogen added to it. Very similar to brewed beer, it has a frothy top that gives this coffee its unique texture.

Haven’t tried the nitro cold brew yet? As a coffee lover, everyone should try it at least once!


This post was written by Lindsay Dye

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What is Nitro Brew Coffee? This Iced Coffee trend is becoming more and more popular in coffee shops. Learn more about it here.

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