8 Comforting Coffee & Mocha Recipes for Cold Winter Days

The first snowfall is gorgeous, magical, and gives you the hope that a new season always brings.

That is, until the cold sinks into your bones.

You throw on your biggest slippers, wrap yourself in as many layers as possible.

The only thing missing is a warm, comforting coffee recipe.

Here are 8 winter drink recipes to warm you up when the weather turns cold.

1. Peppermint Mocha

My absolute favorite!

Nothing feels like winter MORE than a peppermint mocha latte. This warm, comforting drink is my favorite of the bunch and my go to when I feel down and need a little pick-me-up.

how to make a homemade peppermint mocha latte recipe

Make it easier! Splash some of this Sugar Free Peppermint Bark Syrup in your coffee or hot chocolate. Easy peasy!

2. White Chocolate Mocha Latte

A Starbucks favorite among many is the White Chocolate Mocha Latte. Heather at HeathersDish.com shows you how to make a copycat in this White Chocolate Mocha Latte Recipe.

Do it the simple way. Click here to grab some white chocolate syrup. Just add a splash to your drink and you’re all set!

3. Gingerbread Latte

There’s a LATTE gingerbread in this mug! See what I did there? Ha! Warm up and get the delicious taste of gingerbread without all the guilt of eating tons of cookies.

How To Make An Amazing Gingerbread Latte Better Than A Starbucks Barista! Coffee Cups with Whipped Cream, Cocoa Powder and Cinnamon with Gingerbread

4. Christmas Spiced Coffee Recipe

You don’t just have to drink this at Christmas. Have a spiced coffee anytime you’re feeling like you need a little pick-me-up.

This Starbucks copycat recipe is one to put in the recipe book.

Make Christmas coffee, hot chocolate, or mocha SO EASY this year with this Sugar-Free Christmas Syrup Trio. Click here to see details.

5. Milky Way Mocha Latte

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is! Get cozy and curl up with a sweet, salty flavor of a Milky Way. This Mocha Latte is one to make all year long.

how to make a mocha latte that tastes like a milky way

Make it even easier. Check out this salted caramel syrup. Splash a little in your coffee or hot chocolate and you’re done!

6. Nutella Coffee (Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven

Nutella is a treat all by itself. Bu this Nutella coffee recipe is out of this world.

Nutella Coffee

7. Eggnog Latte

Christmas, Winter, and feelings of joy. That’s what eggnog does for most people. It’s the traditional holiday drink. Turn it into a warm, and comforting experience with this eggnog latte recipe.

Egg nog latte on a table with cookies

Not a fan of Eggnog? Try this Winter Syrup Trio for easy winter coffee, hot chocolate, or mocha recipes.

8. Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee

If the smell of hazelnut in the morning gives you tingly feelings of comfort and safety, you MUST try this chocolate hazelnut coffee recipe.

What is the best hazelnut coffee?

Do it the lazy way and grab some of Jordan’s Skinny Hazelnut Syrup. Just add a splash to your coffee and you’re done! Click here for details.

Winter coffee & mocha recipes - pinterest image of two christmas mugs with whipped cream behind and text overlay of "8Winter coffee & mocha recipes to warm you up  when the weather gets cold."
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