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Do you have an idea about coffee that you think would be perfect for Warms My Soul? We are accepting submissions from coffee enthusiasts who want to write for us.

We cover many coffee related topics like:

  • Coffee Recipes (themed, copycat, diets like Keto and sugar free, etc…)
  • Popular new coffee trends
  • Coffee accessories or equipment reviews
  • Coffee in weird places (camping, while traveling, etc… Equipment used, how to make it easier, how to keep ingredients fresh, etc…)
  • Tutorials (How to guides)
  • Reviews (types of coffee, equipment, coffee swag, coffee gifts, etc…)
  • Answering coffee-related questions
  • Tips on how to make coffee better

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  1. 1000+ words long. Exceptions will be made for recipes. Unique content only. We check that all content submitted is unique. Cover your topic in great detail.
  2. Headlines should be either in the form of a question or “How to…”
  3. We will consider any topic as long as there isn’t an existing post that covers the same topic unless you have a different take.
  4. Please use language like “you” instead of “I” when writing. If you are telling a story in your post, you may use “I.” Remember, the reader wants to know how your topic can help their life, not how it’s affected yours unless it relates directly to how it can help theirs.
  5. By submitting your post, you give Warms My Soul the right to make edits to your content for search engine optimization, and so it fits with the theme of the rest of the site. We make minor edits like adding photos, grammar, shortening long sentences and headlines, adding in a few words here and there for SEO, etc…), and the exclusive right to publish and take down posts as we see fit. Anything you write is your property. If you no longer want it on Warms My Soul, we can take it down. If you post the same article on other sites, we will be forced to remove your post from Warms My Soul.

What You Will Get For Guest Posting

You will be added as a contributor to the site so you can submit posts at any time. I highly recommend you run the idea by us first to make sure you don’t waste any time.

You’ll receive an author bio with image.

You can include links to your own content. If you include links to content that is not yours, please email beforehand so we can review it first.

Kristi & the gang at Warms My Soul

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