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This coffee sales journal makes a great gift idea for coffee lovers.

First Coffee, Then Sales

A Prospecting Journal to Track Sales Calls and Follow Up

If you are in sales, you likely need a big ol’ cup of coffee first. This sales journal is a fun play on the old joke “but first, coffee.”

First, you drink the coffee, then you make the sales.

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

Above All, I’m Grateful for Coffee

a coffee lover’s daily gratitude journal.

This coffee themed gratitude journal is perfect for someone who likes to jot down a daily note of gratitude.

This journal can also be used as a regular journal.

At the top of each page, it says “What Are You Grateful For” and the date.

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

Grateful for Everything, Especially Pumpkin Spice Lattes – a Gratitude Journal

This gratitude journal is pumpkin spice themed. Jot down what you are grateful for, even if it’s just pumpkin spice lattes.

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

Funny I Need Coffee In An IV V Neck Tshirt

This funny shirt is cute and clearly states the wearers’ love for coffee. It makes a great gift for anyone who adores coffee and love a good funny tshirt.

It makes a good gift for your mom, daughter, wife, coworker, or any woman that likes tshirts.

NOTE: Click through for more color choices.

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

Christmas Starts After My First Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Tshirt for Men or Women (More Colors Available)

Do you have a major love for Candy Cane Hot Chocolate at Christmas time?

Same here!

This Tshirt can be worn proudly by anyone who feels the same way. It makes a great gift for women, but there are men’s shirts available as well.

Click the button below to check out the other colors and sizes that are available.

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

Cute Whimsical Coffee Mug “I Love Coffee” Tshirt for Women (More Colors Available)

This coffee lover’s t-shirt is cute and has a really pretty whimsical feel to it.

Do you need a gift for a friend or coworker, perhaps your wife, mother, sister, or daughter? This shirt makes a nice gift for a coffee lover.

Click the link below to see all the available colors.

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

Coffee Makes the World Go ‘Round Tshirt (More Colors Available)

This java loving world map is made up of coffee beans.

Buy it for a man or a woman, or even yourself if you love coffee.

Click the button below for more sizes and colors.